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Tattooed women 

Up in the hill in a remote village I got in touch with a tradition that is been going on since the 12th century and is about to disappear. The tattooed women used to covered their face in elaborate back patterns and in some cases, totally dark with ink. Those are some of Burma’s last surviving tattoed women. According to legend this all began when an ancient king was going to choose the woman and make them slaves. The inking was an intend to make the face look like a dirty repulsed for the comers,  then with the time become symbol of beauty.

The young generation are increasingly reluctant to be inked for fear of ridicule and for fear of the heavy fines imposed by the ruling military junta, Burma's tattooing tradition is on borrowed time and could disappear within a generation.

Up to 1960 when the government banded the practice the women had to follow the roles, with was having her face tattooed.  A women comment that it was normal at that time every one had their face tattooed they face, but now those days are gone and we don’t want to have the young generation to have the tattoo made anymore. Some woman recalled that she was 12 when they did the tattoo in her face, she was afraid and didn’t want to face the pain.. she was immobilized by her bother.