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Fast Change

Myanmar, a former military dictatorship is the fasted changing country. The United States worked hard to press toward democracy, but they but did little to build on the new relationship and to deliver what Barack Obama endorsed in his 2012 visit. He was the first American president to visit the country. Then came again in 2014,with the mission to promoting trade and security relations, and counted Myanmar’s opening as a foreign policy coup.

The vacuum left by the United States makes China’s return all the easier and able to play its natural role in Myanmar in a more forceful way than ever before. Now all depending on China to help solve its problems. The situation fell into place for China. Peace in Myanmar it means for China to protect its new energy investments, and with the influence to press the rebels it found an opening even then before to do a favor for Myanmar to deliver peace.

United States under the Trump administration steps back from more than six years of heavy engagement in Myanmar, including some tentative contacts with some of the rebels.

As Trump administration pays little attention to the country is leaving to China to exercising all the strategic and economic interests that come from geographic proximity, using deep pockets for building billion-dollar infrastructure. As always it is very lucrative for a few, I am wondering how much the majority to the country will benefit of the change,